The Audacity to Care: Marc Viscogliosi’s Pioneering Story in Healthcare

One World_Storytellers_ Marc Viscogliosi

From overcoming challenges to driving global MedTech innovations. 

At the heart of the healthcare industry is an unwavering commitment to improving health, alleviating pain, and extending care reach to every corner of the globe. As we innovate, we must navigate the delicate balance between the business of healthcare and our innate desire to help others. It’s a world where profits fuel progress, but the moral implications weigh heavily for many. Yet, the resolve to bridge this gap is rooted in a deep-seated passion to make a tangible difference in people’s lives.  

Passion in healthcare often comes from a deeply personal place. My journey is one such story, as the youngest in an Italian-American family in Detroit, marked by a profound hearing impairment. Yet, my family’s conviction to not let this impairment confine me was unstoppable. Their bold decision to steer me away from learning sign language was rooted in a vision of connectivity and untapped potential. This vision became the cornerstone of my journey, transforming perceived barriers into springboards for success and compassion for others. 

To make it happen, my siblings read aloud with me night after night for hours, patiently helping me find my voice—one that would not echo the hollow sound often associated with hearing impairment. Their total support helped me reshape my perception of sound and speech. This familial dedication instilled in me a profound sense of responsibility. Their investment in my future was the greatest gift, and I carry that debt of gratitude into every endeavor I am involved in, striving to empower and uplift others just as they did for me. 

Entrepreneurship was not just a concept in my family but a tradition. My parents, who started as immigrants, were the cornerstone of this ethos, running a collision shop and a pub restaurant with the tenacity that only those who have started from scratch can know. My uncles expanded our family’s business landscape to construction management and farming. Aunts and cousins ventured into the bakery, cement, and real estate, even into the seasonal trade of Christmas trees. My brothers, catching the entrepreneurial bug early, spun records as DJs, a gig that kept them hopping between events and doubling as valets and caddies. The message was clear: opportunity was everywhere, and any venture could flourish with hard work. This relentless hustle was our creed, ingrained in our very being. 

My entrepreneurial spirit was ignited early, leading me to launch my first venture at the tender age of 12. By 17, I was navigating the bustling streets of New York as a Wall Street intern, and at 24, I established the Viscogliosi Bros. family office. Those formative years were packed with invaluable lessons I may discuss in another article. Despite lacking what some might call the ‘right pedigree’ for Wall Street, my drive and resolve to outpace the competition was unwavering. I once estimated an average workweek of 103 hours over seven relentless years without a single break lasting two consecutive days. It’s nothing short of miraculous that my girlfriend, now my wife, stood by me through that marathon of sweat and tears (her sainthood is pending!).  

Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘Outliers’ resonates deeply with me, especially the idea that mastery demands 10,000+ hours of dedicated practice. That philosophy isn’t just theory to me; it’s the narrative of my life. The relentless grind and the stress that tested my limits all forged a foundation from which I could exert influence in the healthcare sector, relentlessly driving towards patient impact, undeterred by seemingly impossible odds. 

Fast forward to 2023; Viscogliosi Bros. has been at the forefront of transformative healthcare for twenty-five years. Our journey has been marked by the successful commercialization of products that have touched the lives of millions. In partnership with our investors, we’ve infused nearly a billion dollars into companies that have revolutionized care standards for doctors and patients alike. Our firm, through MCRA, has emerged as a premier advisor in medical technology innovation, collaborating with hundreds of companies to spearhead groundbreaking innovations and initiatives that warm the heart. Despite our achievements, our quest for significant impact never stops. We are relentless in our pursuit to make a difference, driven by an unwavering commitment to improving patient care. The journey continues, and our resolve remains steadfast: we will not rest. 

It’s been a profound privilege to collaborate intimately with countless surgeons across the globe. These relationships have blossomed into deep, meaningful connections that have left an indelible mark on my life, influencing me in profound ways that words cannot even capture. Their relentless dedication in the face of daily clinical challenges fuels my passion for helping them create solutions that address the critical needs they encounter almost daily. The journey is ongoing, as their commitment knows no bounds, and neither does ours. 

What truly resonates with me is the subtle yet significant influence our work has on the lives it reaches. Occasionally, patients learn about our involvement in specific technologies and reach out with their stories. Each letter, each note, is a humble but powerful acknowledgment of our part in their larger narratives. These messages are cherished, gently underscoring the quiet impact of our dedication. 

To this day, the term ‘disability’ sits uneasily when I mention it. I’ve never seen my hearing loss as anything but a facet of my identity. It’s shaped me and challenged me; it is my superpower!  

Would I have pushed so hard without it? Would the same fire to make a difference in people’s lives have been lit within me? It’s impossible to say. But one truth stands clear: our achievements are never solo endeavors. They are the fruits of the support and faith we receive from those who stand by us. The knowledge that someone believes in you can trigger profound change, not just in your own life but in the lives you touch. So, embrace your challenges, draw strength from your loved ones, and let them propel you forward. The question remains for each of us. What is the genesis of your passion? How will you convert your personal adversities into superpowers and challenges into a legacy of healing and hope for society? This is an exciting quest!  

By Marc Viscogliosi

Principal, Viscogliosi Bros., LLC