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One World: Unity Beyond Medicine

"One World" is a tribute to those souls who've sought to illuminate the world with love, compassion, and understanding

At the heart of The MedTech Digest lies the dissemination of knowledge and a deeper aspiration: to promote positive emotional bonds between people that transcend geographical boundaries.

In a world of complicated geopolitics, national and international divisions, stigmatization, and antagonistic narratives, our goal is to do our part to help create connections founded on mutual respect, dignity, and an insatiable desire to make the world a better place.

Considering the size of the world’s challenges, it may seem futile, but, as the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said, The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” The One World section of The MedTech Digest is our contribution to this ambitious quest!

Together, we can make a difference! Every interaction holds the potential for growth if we uphold the golden principle: treat others as we wish to be treated. While we take pride in being leaders in the MedTech industry, working relentlessly on improving patient care, our roles are multifaceted. We are all husbands and wives, parents, caretakers, friends, leaders, and so much more. The reality is that we are all “One People.”

One World” is a tribute to those souls who’ve sought to illuminate the world with love, compassion, and understanding. Yes, the name “One World” is inspired by the legendary Bob Marley, whose timeless track “One Love” could very well be the anthem of this endeavor.

His life, though brief, impacted the planet, not just through his amazing music, but through a philosophy that touched souls far and wide, no matter the country, race, or social status. He may not have been schooled in traditional ways. Still, he had “The Feel!” His intuitive understanding of the human condition, emotions, and ability to unite people is the epiphany of success. With the right “feel,” we call all be successful.

This spirit, infused with Bob Marley’s ethos, is the foundation of the “One World” initiative of The MedTech Digest.

To advance its mission, “One World” will embrace difficult subjects by publishing weekly articles authored by MedTech leaders and personalities from around the world. While sometimes controversial, the articles will echo the message of compassion, unity, and understanding by amplifying the voices that seek to promote harmony, healing, and a better world for everyone.

By Guillaume Viallaneix

Founder, President at MedTech Momentum, Inc and the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of The MedTech Digest.